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We are happy to announce the SUP Suisse Tour (SST) dates for 2023 organised by local partners. On the major stops, all five competition categories will be open. This season the tour stops will be divided into different classes.

The scenery is unbeatable. It’s every year my must season opener.

Andrea Forrer

Gorgeous location with lots of space to hang out between the races. Fantastic atmosphere, looking forward to the next PADL Festival.

Yvi Mahoney, Paddle Club Zürisee

We are looking forward to this first edition of a major SUP Suisse Tour Stop at Lake Murten.

“A great experience for the whole family in a unique location.“

A great experience for the whole family in a unique location.

Peter Mülhauser, Bodensee

With end of season party honouring the Swiss champions.

I enjoyed the race a lot. It was fun with so many junior paddlers next to me on the starting line. Looking forward to next year.

SST 1000

SST 500

SST 250

SUP Race Bern 
04.06.23 – Bern
SST 500

SURF Party
10.06.23 – St. Blaise
SST 500

Race across the Lake
18.06.23 – Arbon
SST 250


SUP Race Züri Fäscht
07. – 09.07.23 – Zurich
SST 500

Wavelet Race
16.07.23 – Nyon
SST 250

Molokai sur Léman
22.07.23 – Villeneuve
SST 250  


Rivella Refresh

SIC Kids

Fanatic Juniors



Thanks to our partners, without whom SUP Suisse Tour 2023 would have not been possible.


The events are categorized into three different point classes. Paddlers can collect different amount of points throughout the season.   
SST 1000   
Major events
  • International or national and well-established event

  • Fully implements all tour categories

  • Winners score 1000 points, counting down 10% for next ranked *

SST 500   
Side events
  • National or regional event

  • Two or more tour categories implemented

  • Winners score 500 points, counting down 10% for next ranked *

* this does not apply to Rivella Refresh

SST 250   
Unique events
  • Regional event

  • One category only

  • Does not have to follow the standard point ranking


Rivella Refresh
First-time & leisure paddlers
  • ca. 4km course

  • No board nor paddler per board limitations

  • Only time keeping, no podium

  • Trophy for finishing following stops:  
    four  SST 1000 
    one  SST 500 

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