Winners of the last Swiss SUP Championships by ASSUP

Become a Swiss Champion!

We are organizing the first-ever Swiss SUP Flatwater Championships for both Swiss Canoe and Swiss Surfing Association!

In the years until 2019, the Swiss SUP Flatwater Championships were organized by the ASSUP which ceased its actions in 2020. ASSUP nominated numerous athletes for the ISA World Championships. We are now taking over and are organizing the Swiss SUP Flatwater Championships for both Swiss Canoe and the Swiss Surfing Association.

We are still working hard to release more details. For now, please see the news and FAQ below.

Frequently asked questions

You asked, we answered!

Who can participate in the Swiss Championships?

There is a discipline for everyone. To start in the Swiss Championships discipline you need to hold a Swiss passport. To become Swiss Champion, you need to be a Swiss Canoe and Swiss Surfing Association member (which is included in our Active Plus membership).

I don't want to compete in a Swiss Championships

Well, that’s up to you. We’ve got a discipline for all those who don’t want to compete in the Swiss Championships but still do like to race. You get the unique opportunity to paddle the same course as your idol and maybe even share a buoy turn together - make sure to leave enough room though 😉

Can I come without my parents to a race?

For all juniors under 18 the presence of a parent or legal guardian is mandatory. We’ll hold a special race for all under 12 and one for all under 16 where the juniors are looked after but the presence of one parent or legal guardian is still necessary.

I'm not yet 18, can I become a Swiss Champion?

Good on you! Sure you can. We’ll have an overall Swiss champion, an u18 Swiss champion, and a 40+ Swiss champion. So if you’re under 18 and cross the finish line first, you will become overall Swiss Champion and u18 Swiss Champion 🥇🥇

The same goes for masters (40+) in their category.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

Depends on the discipline, it’s only required for the SC discipline. Don’t worry, you can either sign up for a membership upfront or with the registration for the Swiss Championships.

What boards/gear is allowed at the race?

We use 14’ stock boards for all over 16. You can read about this in the race regulations.

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