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I do not race, why should I become a member?

We built this association to help our Swiss athletes to become more successful in international SUP racing. We help them organizing their participation at World Championships. We are still a small association and it is hard to generate funds. With your membership, you help these athletes and us to organize the stuff around them.

What are my benefits as racer?

For now, active members are allowed to participate at the Swiss SUP Championships and get to participate at our Training Camp for a reduced fee. After two years of membership, you’re allowed to vote at the AGM (annual meeting). We’re planning to provide additional benefits like discounts in specific shops.

I want my whole club to become a member

Wicked! Please contact us to discuss all the details.
We’re happy to offer a custom solution.


National Team
How do I become a national team member?
  1. You have to hold a Swiss passport or live for more than two years in Switzerland.

  2. You have to fullfill certain performance levels to reach different status (A, B, and C)

  3. Participate in one of our national team tryouts

How can I qualify for a World Championship race?

Short: Become a team member of our national team.

However, ICF (International Canoe Federation) and ISA (International Surfing Association) has different rules. The distance race at the ICF Worlds is an open race, meaning everyone is allowed to start. To count towards the national federation medals you need to be nominated by the national federation. Swiss Canoe and Swiss Surfing Association agreed to have us running the nominations.

How do I get myself and my board to the World Championships?

We are here for you! We’ll help organize transport for our nominated national team members and their boards. Wa also plan to have a support team in Hungary. Please help us raise funds for this project by acquiring new members

I am 40+ or a junior, can I start in the open category?

For the ICF Worlds: Yes you can, but you have to decide this for the whole event. If you start the distance race in open, you’ll have to start in the technical race in open too.

I am planning to start in junior category, which board do I use?

For the ICF Worlds: Juniors will have to race on 12’6 inflatable boards

Alaïa Bay


Who is allowed to join?

SUP surfing sessions at Alaïa Bay are organised for SUP Suisse Active members. However, other surfers might participate too but do not profit from our special price. If not stated otherwise, sessions are only for experienced riders.

What are the biggest challenges?

You lineup in a line close to the wave machine. To surf, you need to almost entirely turn around (about 315°) and wait at the dedicated takeoff spot. This is time-critical, and the water is moving around. You will be using the wave of the surfer in front of you to turn around and get to your takeoff point.

How difficult is the intermediate session?

The wave is perfect for riders with good experience and with consistent power. It is accessible for medium-level riders, meaning a rider who already SUP surfed and is at ease with takeoff and drop in. You need to be strong at turns to surf the wave.

What board size should I pick?

Keep in mind, you’re surfing on freshwater. For most riders, it is best to pick a size bigger than surfing in natural waves. You should be comfortable paddling your board in bumpy conditions (see the “challenges” question).

Can I surf with a board bigger than 9'6?

For security reasons, it is not allowed to use a board bigger than 9’6.

What is the wave size?

Our intermediate sessions use the setting M5, if not declared otherwise. M5 waves are quite powerful, have a good speed and steepness and are between 1.5 and 1.8 m heigh.

What is the water temperature?

The water is not heated, and the temperature equals a natural level. We recommend wearing 5-4 mm neoprene suits, boots, and gloves (head protection as an asset) between December and May. In Summer, boardshorts and rashguards suit most.

How long is the session?

Each session is 55 min.

Will I be able to surf enough?

Yes. In 55min you will surf more perfect waves than in one week holiday. Most riders feel tired towards the end of a session.

How many SUP surfers will be in one session?

We will have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 riders per session. The limits can be changed depending on the level of the session.

How will the spots be assigned?

Spots will be given to SUP Suisse Active members in priority. After that, it’s a first-come, first-serve basis.

How do I pay for the session?

You will receive a QR invoice after your registration has been approved by SUP Suisse and Alaïa Bay. The invoice has to be paid 7 days after receiving it, as we have to prepay all the sessions. This is the only way to pay. Registering and not paying will result in the exclusion of any further events.

What if I have to cancel?

If we have a replacement for you, it’s no problem to cancel. However, as we have to pay each side of the bay we use, it will not possible to refund your participation fee if we (or you) can not find a replacement.

Can I use an Alaïa pack to pay for the sessions?

SUP sessions are really exclusive for SUP Suisse members, and the number of riders is limited to 8 per session. Therefore the price cannot be paid with surf packs.

Flatwater Championship


Who can participate in the Swiss Championships?

There is a discipline for everyone. To start in the Swiss Championships discipline you need to hold a Swiss passport. To become Swiss Champion, you need to be a Swiss Canoe and Swiss Surfing member (which is included in our Active Plus membership).

I don't want to compete in a Swiss Championships

Well, that’s up to you. We’ve got a discipline for all those who don’t want to compete in the Swiss Championships but still do like to race. You get the unique opportunity to paddle the same course as your idol and maybe even share a buoy turn together - make sure to leave enough room though.

Can I come without my parents to a race?

For all juniors under 18 the presence of a parent or legal guardian is mandatory. We’ll hold a special race for all under 12 and one for all under 16 where the juniors are looked after but the presence of one parent or legal guardian is still necessary.

I'm not yet 18, can I become a Swiss Champion?

Good on you! Sure you can. We’ll have an overall Swiss champion, an u18 Swiss champion, and a 40+ Swiss champion. So if you’re under 18 and cross the finish line first, you will become overall Swiss Champion and u18 Swiss Champion. The same goes for masters (40+) in their category.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

Depends on the discipline, it’s only required for the SC discipline. Don’t worry, you can either sign up for a membership upfront or with the registration for the Swiss Championships.

What boards/gear is allowed at the race?

We use 14’ stock boards for all over 16. You can read about this in the race regulations.


SUP Surfing Championship
A competition? I only SUP surf once a year in my vacations, do I have a change?

Everybody has a chance. Even if the competitions is the main focus of the event, meeting people and having a good time is inevitable. So no matter how good or bad you are, come to the SSC and enjoy a wonderful week SUP surfing with new and old friends.

I really don't want to compete

Ok, take your race board then! As a lay day program we will host a technical race and some other fun SUP activities. Please contact us if you like to join.

How do I train for the championship?

Stay tuned! We are working on a pre-competition SUP surf session here in Switzerland.

Are there any activities besides SUP surfing?

Yes, please see Lay Day Program. At the same time, the Swiss Surfing Association is having its Swiss Championship as well.

Will you have a girls category?

We hope so, we need at least 4 women competing.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

Yes, you have to be a member of SUP Suisse and SSA. If you are an "Active Surf" or "Active Plus" member, you are all set

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