Swiss athletes at the ISA SUP Worlds in China 2018

We are building a team

Our 2021 goal is to send a strong team to the ICF Worlds in Hungary

This page is dedicated to all paddlers interested in joining the team and competing at the ICF World Championships in Hungary September 10 - 12. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

National Team

Starting with this year we’re building a national SUP team. We will start small, focused on participating in the ICF World Championships in Hungary. From there we’ll build the permanent team on different levels. We are planning to introduce multiple levels (A, B, and C athlete), from developing juniors (C) up to established elite paddlers (A).

Qualification Criteria (Team A)

We would like to give a very broad overview of our qualification criteria. There are more criteria to be considered, but this will be done with the athletes in person. Beeing qualified for the national team doesn’t mean automatically you are nominated for the World Championships, ICF and ISA may specify additional criterion.

To start for the Swiss team and for the Swiss flag, you need to hold a Swiss passport or live in Switzerland for more than 2 years.

A nomination for the national team requires a result, at an event listed below (called A-race), where you stay a maximum of 7.5% behind the winner of your age group. The result may not be older than from 2 years ago:

  • Swiss Champion (1st at Swiss Championships)
  • Eurotour Race
  • SUP 11 City Tour
  • ICF Worlds
  • APP World Tour Race (elite category)

Fulfilling this criterion you’re considered an team A athlete.

Additional Qualification Opportunities (Team B)

To give rising athletes a shot, we like to provide additional qualification opportunities:

  • 2nd and 3rd at Swiss Championships
  • by participating in the performance test and staying inside the defined range of nominated athletes of your gender
    • SUP (5k, 2k, and 200m time trial max. 15% behind fastest team A member)
    • Physical (to be announced)

If you’re interested in joining the Swiss national team, register for one of our tryouts. Please find the announced dates in the “Upcoming Events” section below or contact us.

Lake Balaton Hungary

World Championships 2021 in Hungary

At the World Championships in Hungary the following disciplines will be held:

  • Distance Race (17km)
  • Technical Race (1 - 1.3km)
  • Sprint (200m)

Participants will be categorized by gender and following categories:

  • Junior (15 – 18)
  • Open
  • Master (40+ and 50+)

Information based on first information bulletin communicated on June 10th, 2021. For further information, please see the

We will be present with a team of our nominated athletes.

Frequently asked questions

You asked, we answered!

How can I qualify for a World Championship race?

It depends. Short: Become a team member of our national team.

The long answer: ICF (International Canoe Federation) and ISA (International Surfing Association) has different rules. The distance race at the Worlds in Hungary 2021 is an open race, meaning everyone is allowed to start. However, to count towards the national federation medals you need to be nominated by the national federation. Swiss Canoe and Swiss Surfing Association agreed to have us running the nominations.

How do I become a national team member?🇨🇭

  1. You have to hold a Swiss passport or live for more than two years in Switzerland.
  2. You have to fulfill certain performance levels to reach different status (A, B, and C)
  3. Participate in one of our national team tryouts, see news below.

Read the “Qualification Criteria” section above and contact us if you don’t fit in any of the mentioned criteria.

How do I get myself and my board to the World Championships?

We are here for you! We’ll help organize transport for our nominated national team members and their boards. Wa also plan to have a support team in Hungary. Please help us raise funds for this project by acquiring new members

I am 40+ or a junior, can I start in the open category?

For the ICF Worlds: Yes you can, but you have to decide this for the whole event. If you start the distance race in open, you’ll have to start in the technical race in open too.

I am planning to start in junior category, which board do I use?

For the ICF Worlds: Juniors will have to race on 12’6 inflatable boards

Upcoming events for national team members or prospects

Upcoming Events

First national team tryouts 2021

TimeTrial and Team Training

We start our 2022 season with a team training including a 5 km pursuit time trial in Greifensee. The event is open to any team prospects.

City SUP Race Zurich 2020

Team Training City Race Zurich

This is a training race for national team members and interested paddlers. It is a fun 6 km course along the shores of lake Zurich.

Second national team tryouts 2021

TimeTrial and Team Training

Team training including a 5 km pursuit time trial on lake Leman. The event is open to any team prospects.

Most recent updates regarding the national team

Latest News

Our team is categorized in multiple categories. We only list athletes in category A and B on our website.


Adrian Cahenzli

Alain Luck

Andi Saurer

Andrea Forrer

Anna Tschirky

Dominik Roth

Edith Teulade

Guido Donzé

Loreline Rossel

Mark Kruisheer

Nicole Angéloz

Peter Mülhauser

Siri Schubert

Stéphane Guillermin

Yvi Mahoney

Our future SUPerstars! The last year juniors are displayed here is the year they become 18.


Anna Tschirky

Mallaury Munz