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SUP surfing is a variation of traditional surfing. It's all about riding waves and/or catching bumps on a downwind run.

SUP surf events
Alaïa Bay

Our own wave in Switzerland? No problem, Alaïa Bay got you covered! 
Come and join us to ride the waves on your SUP – it’s a unique chance to ride the best waves in the Alps on SUP.

SUP surf events
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SUP surf & ocean paddle
training camps

Together we will spend some time on the ocean and use various surf or paddle cafts. Your experience does not matter, your motivation is key enough.

SUP Suisse Surfing Championship

5. – 12.10.24
Somo, Spain 

Together with Swiss Surfing 
we organize the SUP Suisse Surfing Championship.


National Team

So far we have a small team,
however we are working on expanding the team. Are you interested to join, don't hesitate to contact us.

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