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Downwind Camp

Tarifa, Spain

MARCH 11 – 18, 2023

Let's take the opportunity to leave cold Switzerland behind for a few days and share a wonderful time on the waters of sunny Tarifa. Many of you have requested an international camp to improve, enjoy and learn about open ocean rides. This is your opportunity! The spot is legendary, the weather usually perfect during this time of the year, and we are convinced that we bring together a fantastic group of paddlers to have fun with. 

The Camp is for everyone who has paddle experience and is fit enough for more than 20 km of open ocean a day. It's a great opportunity to learn or fine tune your ocean skills by the hand of two incredible instructors. Fred Bonnef and Amaury Dormet will welcome us in Tarifa for an entire week of great fun, good training and incredible experiences. 


You find all the information you need in the booking form attached. Should you still need additional information, or have any doubts about if this is the right camp for you, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are delighted to discuss your abilities and help to identify your goals.

Safety is key in the open ocean, Fred and Amaury are at the highest possible level, not only to coach you throughout the week, but also to provide the best possible safety on our Ocean runs. 


The camp will provide you with all the necessary gear, high-end SUP ocean hardboards from different brands, adjustable paddles, safety vests, leashes, bright safty shirts etc. There will also be 2 or 3 OC2 and OC1 (outrigger) available for you to play. However, you should have experience with an outrigger, if you want to try an OC1, min requirements are that you're able to turn and get back on your OC in ocean conditions, and that you already have experience with the paddle technique. Should you not have the min requirements, you are welcome to start on the OC2 with Amaury. 


Depending on the conditions, we will also try to run a SUP Surf lesson in between, with both shorter SUP surfboards and 14' ocean boards. To strengthen our surf skills, primary with the ocean boards.


The start for most of our runs will be right at the beach in front of the hotel. Additionally, to the shuttle service (to and from the runs), we will have our own SUP Suisse Bus for us to be able to travel around Tarifa.

Travel day
March 11 

The arrival airport is Malaga or AGP, we recommend the 10:10am flight from Swiss LX2110 should you start from ZRH. Wherever you fly from, the goal is to leave Malaga airport all together latest by 2pm. 


On our way to the hotel, we might stop at Decathlon Los Barrios, should anyone need any last-minute gear. Followed by Check-in, team meeting and dinner

Daily schedule
March 12 –17 

Breakfast: 7:30 and 9:00am

Team Meeting: 10:00am

Pick up: 10:30am (dep. weather conditions)  


Run 1 - Between 8 km & 16 km 

Lunch break between runs.
(Restaurants, take aways, etc.) 

Run 2 - Between 8 km & 16 km


Back to the hotel, time to yourself.

Dinner: The Hotel offers two restaurants, and we will be able to eat downtown Tarifa. You obviously have a free choice on where and how to have dinner, if all together or on your own. The SUP Suisse Team will take care of multiple affordable options and organises the transport.

Travel day
March 18 

The team transport will leave the hotel by 9:00am. However, should everyone take a late flight, like the LX 2115 from AGP to ZRH at 4:00pm or similar, we could, if possible, adapt the transport and enjoy the day to the full.


With the Dos Mares Beach Hotel *** , we have found a beautiful and practical location with amazing rooms for your stay. Right next to the beach, perfekt walks along the water or an early swim or surf session before the day even starts. Great breakfast buffet, so you can start the day full of energy. We can literally walk to most of the starting points of our runs, should the winds be kind enough. 


Team spirit is important to us, but we will respect your personal space, your need to work on an e-mail or to hold a remote meeting. The Beach Hotel and its spacious Installations will offer all that, and we will make sure you have plenty of time to socialize. 

Here are some details to make your room selection easier:

  • All rooms, (with exception of the Double Room for Single use) have single beds. That means you have your own single bed. We have instructed the hotel to divide all beds with a nightstand. 

  • Yes, you will have a room mate. And yes, whenever possible, we will take into consideration if you have a preference, or you already know each other. Should you feel more comfortable in a private room all to yourself, you can book the Double Room for individual use, with a queen size bed. 

  • The Double Rooms are located inside the main building with views into the green garden. Some of them could have a beautiful terrace, but we won't know for sure until we are there as they can't be booked. 

  • The Bungalow is a beautiful freestanding cabin with your own little terrace and plenty of space. If you're lucky, it will have direct Beach Access.

Screenshot 2022-11-01 at 11.14.54.png
Screenshot 2022-11-01 at 11.08.50.png
Screenshot 2022-11-01 at 11.10.31.png
Gear recommendations

As mentioned before the camp will provide all essential gear such as ocean hardboards, adjustable paddles, safety vests, leash etc.. What is important to bring? 


We recommend two to three water combinations, such as wetsuit, longjohn, neopren  pants and tops. You won't be able to dry your wetsuits between runs, so you might consider bringing a second one to start the next run dry. Salty water drys very bad, that's why we recommend multiple options, so you can start the day in a dry combo. 


We do not recommend drysuits. Stick to neopren as it is the best option for ocean runs. The water temperature during this time of the year is between 15° and 19°, depending on the weather run locations, mediterranean or atlantic side. 


You won't need more than a 4/3 neo, and we suggest nothing lower than 3/2, except of very sunny days when a longjohn and a short/long neo top is plenty. 


Take a pair of neo shoes, 2mm or 3mm max, you probably won't need them, but they are great to have in case of bad weather. 


Bring a camel bag or similar. We are doing pretty long runs and salt water tends to make you way more thirsty than sweet water. Always have at least 1 to 2l of water with you. Snacks and boosters for longer runs aren't the worst idea. 


Ponchos and hoodies are the way to go during the day, you won't be able to live without any of those. It's sunny, but windy in Tarifa at all times, as soon as the sun is gone it gets chilly. 


99% of the rest of the day will be shorts, and flip flops, until the evening when you will need to dress a little warmer. Leave shirts and ties at home, we won't crush any weddings or have fancy dinners.


We recommend that you fit everything in a soft shell sport bag to travel. You will need a day by day bag for all your wet and dry gear. 


Should you want to bring a toy with you, say for example an inflatable surfboard or similar, feel free to do so, but please ensure that it fits in a regular size sport bag as we need to fit 9 people plus luggage in a minivan. If it's too big, it travels by taxi on your own expense.


Camp Tarif with 1 individual bed in a shared double room for 2 persons: 
CHF 1250.–  Breakfast buffet included


Camp Tarif with 1 individual bed in a shared bungalow for 2 persons: 

CHF 1350.–  Breakfast buffet included


Camp Tarif with 1 Queen size bed in a Big Room all to yourself: 

CHF 1575.–  Breakfast buffet included

The pricing above is for SUP Suisse members, Active, Active Surf or Active Plus.
Non members will have a recharge of CHF 150.– 


The price includes camp, boards, transport, instructors and hotel with breakfast.

Flights are not included.

Payment & Reservation Deadline

The deadline for a reservation is the 31.12.2022. You will receive a bill from SUP Suisse, so please make sure your email and full address are correct.
There are only 8 spots available, and we won't be able to add any more on this edition, first comes serve! A reservation is not binding without down payment.


This will be updated on the go. 


Can I bring my own board?

We do not recommend it, and it's also not needed, the Camp gear is great for what we are doing, stick to it.


Can I bring my own paddle?

Sure you can, we understand the love towards your own paddle. However, you will have a selection of different adjustable paddles waiting for you.


Should I rent a car?

No, you won't have time to explore on your own, and it is absolutely not worth it. Especially now that we are basically sleeping on the Beach.


What if I miss my plane, will anyone pick me up?

No, should you miss the Shuttle the only option is a Taxi, a very expensive one.

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