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Ten tips to start your paddle season

1 Set yourself a goal

Any goal, doesn't matter how big or how small.

Write it down and don't forget about it!


2 Enter a crazy event

Sign up before you even have time to think about it.

Do something crazy like #sup11citytour.


3 All-day-paddling.

Paddle from dawn and keep on going until dusk


4 Pick a fixed time to paddle

Choose a day and time every week, that you know you can paddle, block that time.


5 Sprint

Do it, always remember sprint sprint sprint.


6 Forget the numbers

Just have fun, don't look at your GPS, just paddle.


7 Ditch the weight scales

Focus on your paddling, get out on the water. Losing weight is something that you worry about if you are a pro.


8 Dial in your paddle technique

Try to improve your paddling technique, recognize bad habits and refrain from doing so. Try to find an ideal setup at the beginning of the year. That way, you know the paddling technique is right, you know you're comfortable and you're in a powerful setup.


9 Join a club or group

Give it a go, make some friends.


10 Go racing

You think, paddling is serious, but it's not; there are some races out there for everyone and it's a great way to meet new people and also push yourself in a way that you have never done before, give racing a go.


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