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SUP Suisse Surfing Championship

Somo, Spain

OCTOBER 5 – 12, 2024

Together with Swiss Surfing, we organize the SUP Suisse Surfing Championship 2024.



SUP Surf is part of the surf community in Switzerland, and the Swiss Surfing Championship is the major event of the year that gathers all surf riders of the country. You don’t need to be a pro or have an expert level to participate in the SUP Suisse Surfing Championship. Anybody is welcome to be part of the competition, from beginners to great surfers. Our main goal is to have many SUP riders promote our sport and passion. We want to enjoy the ocean and the waves with you! Come and join the experience!


Before the competition days, we organise a SUP camp with the two disciplines: surf & race. The week of training is dedicated to teaching you the best practices in free surfing, the analysis of forecasts, the basics of SUP surfing, the rules of surf competition, paddling and surfing a race board in waves and general workout. We aim to spend as much time as possible in the water and on the waves because we love the ocean. It is up to you if you like to go for a paddle or go surfing. We’ll have daily activities with all the SUP crafts, or you can rest. It’s all up to you! We provide the best opportunities for you to enjoy the ocean life.


The SUP camp is still being organised, you will find some details below, and for any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ocean Training Camp
28.9. – 5.10.2024

The organization is ongoing; therefore, only some basic facts can be shared. We like to provide the best opportunity for everyone. Therefore, we invite possible participants into the dialogue as early as possible. Please join our WhatsApp group and collaborate. Motto: Spend some fun time with like-minded people on the water.

We will do about two sessions a day. Depending on the conditions, we'll adapt the program accordingly. Each participant decides: SUP surf, surf, race board paddle, casual SUP tour, sightseeing, road biking? Up to you!

Do you not (yet) have ocean experience? As long as you're motivated and have a sporty mind, we'll find the condition for you to gain experience in moving water. Hesitating? Contact us.

Cost: Participation for SUP Suisse members is free; the only costs you incur are your expenses for accommodation, food, and activities (i.e., surfboard rent and excursions). A cost estimate will be shared as soon as possible.

Accommodation: We'll look for a "base" close to water. This might be a hotel or a big house. The accommodation is self-organised. However, we are trying to make a group booking for a better price.

Location: Somo (Spain) is one option, and we're also considering a location closer to Switzerland (i.e., around Bordeaux).

Gear: We'll likely have to bring our race and SUP surfboards from Switzerland. We can rent surfboards on-site for a single day or the whole week.

Travel: Travelling via plane or car will be possible if we get our gear to the location. We'll probably rent a big van, but someone needs to drive it. On-site, we must stay mobile and ensure enough seats in rental cars for those flying.

All information about accommodation, schedule, and program will be shared with all participants via e-mail and WhatsApp

Surfing Championship
5. – 12.10.2024

You need to hold a SUP Suisse membership “Active Surf” or “Active Plus” (SUP Suisse and Swiss Surfing membership mandatory) to register for the Surfing Championship.

Make sure to be a SUP Suisse member (and have your membership fee paid) before checking in onsite. Otherwise, we can not allow you to enter the competition.


October 5

  • Check-in for competition

  • Riders Meeting

exact time to be determined


October 6 - 12

Competition at Playa de Somo
exact time to be determined

Last day of the competition

exact time to be determined
Price giving ceremony and night of the champs

All registered participants will be informed of program updates by text messages every competition day.

Questions? All you need to know you find at FAQ.

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