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SUP Suisse Surfing Championship

Loredo, Spain

OCTOBER 09 – 15, 2022

The SUP Suisse Surfing Championship will take place during the Swiss Surfing Championship (SSC). The same rules and FAQ as for the SSC are valid, apart from the fact that you obviously will use your paddle.


Who can participate

  • only for Swiss passport holder

  • only for SUP Suisse membership
    “Active Surf” or “Active Plus”
    (SSA membership mandatory)

  • 8 spots for men

  • 4 spots for women

Lay day program

Free surf with your own gear

  • SUP Surf

  • Foil Surf

  • Wing Foil

  • Surf Skate

Training Camp

October 03 – 09, 2022

Before the SSC you have the great opportunity to get prepared to the championship, learning the rules and improving your skills.

Nick Crettenand will teach you the

basic rules of free surfing, managing take-off, drop and first turns as well as the key rules for the competition. You will get the opportunity to test different boards and find the gear which is right for you.


October 2, 24:00

Registration deadline

October 09, 7 – 8pm
Plea Beach House

  • Check-in for competition

  • Riders Meeting


October 10 – 15

exact time to be determined

Last day of competition

exact time to be determined

Check out Live Heats!

Questions? All you need to know you find at FAQ.

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