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On an international level, stand up paddling (SUP) is included in both the International Canoe Federation (ICF) and International Surfing Association (ISA). Those federations are represented by Swiss Canoe and the Swiss Surfing in Switzerland and co-exist in a good relationship.

SUP Suisse has been founded as a subsidiary of Swiss Canoe and Swiss Surfing at the end of 2020 and has been appointed responsible for the Swiss SUP national team and SUP surfing in Switzerland. Its main goal is to unite SUP racers and surfers in Switzerland and converge the efforts made by both overlying organisms.

For 2021, the goals are to organize the Swiss SUP Flatwater Championships and have a national team competing at the ICF Worlds in Hungary. In the surf section, various events are planned with the Swiss SUP Surfing Championship as the highlight.

Our executive team for 2021. We are looking to extend our board by two members by 2022.

Board Members

Andi Saurer


Florian Gander


Lidvina Champendal

SUP Racing

Nick Crettenand

SUP Surf
(to be confirmed by AGM)

National Team

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Umbrella Organizations

Swiss Canoe

Swiss Canoe

The Swiss Canoe Federation is the competence centre for canoeing and stand up paddling in Switzerland.

Swiss Surfing

Swiss Surfing

Swiss Surfing represents and promotes the sport of surfing in Switzerland.

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